Shero Shayari

Mohabbat Mujhe Thi Usi Se

Mohabbat mujhe thi usi se...
Yaadon mein uski yeh Dil tadpata raha...
Maut bhi meri Chahat ko rok na saki...
Kabar mein bhi yeh Dil Dhadakta raha...

Dedicated to The Indian Boys

Take a walk inside our home with a toothbrush..
Read the text on the shampoo bottle within the shower..
Laugh at our jokes when we haven't even shared this with others yet..
Push the door when it clearly states "PULL".
Hate it in the event the wind messes our curly hair up..
Have to call each of our phones to find this.
. Check the time on our phones when we are wearing a watch.
. Turning our pillow all-around so we sleep on the coldside.
. When we stay upward late we count the quantity of hours of sleep we are certain to get..
Smiling While Reading This kind of..??

Pyar ki Anokhi Murat Ho Tum

Pyar ki anokhi Murat ho tum,
Zindagi ki ek zarurat ho tum,
Phool toh khubsurat hi hote hain,
Par phoolo Se bhi zada khubsurat ho tum.

Modern Day India

Give me some sunshine - Assam

Give me some rain - Maharashtra

Give me personally another chance - Kejriwal

I wanna grow up once again - Rahul Gandhi

Khuda ne Aankhen Kitni Ajeeb Banayi Hain

kitni Ajeeb banayi Hain…
Jab ye Uthti hain toh DUA ban jati hain,
Jab ye Jhukti hain toh HAYAA ban jati hain,
Uth ke Jhukti hain toh
ADAA ban jati hain,
Jhuk ke Uthti hain toh
KHATA ban jati hain,
Ye KHULTI hain toh
Duniya unhe RULA deti hain,
Par BANDH hoti hain toh
ye duniya ko RULA deti hain.