Shero Shayari

Who Will Work in My Absence

Who will work in my Absence?
Sun asked the entire world during sunset. Everyone remained silent, but the candle whispered, "Will Try My Level Best."
It’s not the SIZE, but the ATTITUDE that shines.

Life is Very Complicated

Life is very complicated.
When you have standards, people call it attitude.
When you are simple, people try to cheat you
and when you cheat others, people call you smart.

Number Plates of All Cities in Punjab

PB-01 Chandigarh
PB-02 Amritsar
PB-03 Bathinda
PB-04 Faridkot
PB-05 Ferozepur
PB-06 Gurdaspur
PB-07 Hoshiarpur
PB-08 Jalandhar
PB-09 Kapurthala
PB-10 Ludhiana
PB-11 Patiala
PB-12 Ropar
PB-13 Sangrur
PB-14 Ajnala
PB-15 Abohar
PB-16 Anandpur Sahib
PB-17 Baba Bakala
PB-18 Batala
PB-19 Barnala
PB-20 Balachaur
PB-21 Dasuya
PB-22 Fazilka
PB-23 Fatehgarh Sahib
PB-24 Garhshankar
PB-25 Jagraon
PB-26 Khanna
PB-27 Kharar
PB-28 Malerkotla
PB-29 Moga
PB-30 Muktsar
PB-31 Mansa
PB-32 Nawanshahr
PB-33 Nakodar
PB-34 Nabha (Patiala South West)
PB-35 Pathankot
PB-36 Phagwara
PB-37 Phillaur
PB-38 Patti
PB-39 Rajpura (Patiala North)
PB-40 Rampura Phul
PB-41 Sultanpur Lodhi
PB-42 Samana (Patiala East)
PB-43 Samrala
PB-44 Sunam
PB-45 Talwandi Sabo
PB-46 Tarn Taran
PB-47 Zira
PB-48 Amloh (West)
PB-49 Khamano
PB-50 Budhlada
PB-51 Jhunir / Sardulgarh
PB-52 Bassi Pathana
PB-53 Malout
PB-54 Mukerian
PB-55 Payal
PB-56 Raikot
PB-57 Bhulath
PB-58 Dera Baba Nanak
PB-59 Dhuri
PB-60 Gidderbaha
PB-61 Jalalabad
PB-62 Jaitu
PB-63 Khadoor Sahib
PB-64 Moonak
PB-65 Mohali
PB-66 Nihal Singh Wala
PB-67 Shahkot
PB-68 Dhar Kalan
PB-69 Bagha Purana
PB-70 Dera Bassi
PB-71 Chamkaur Sahib
PB-72 Patran (Patiala East)
PB-73 Tappa Mandi
PB-74 Nangal
PB-75 Lehra

What Does Electrical Engineering Teach Us

What does Electrical Engineering teach us ?...

⚡TRANSFORMER-Step up your dreams,passion & love. Step down your anger,worries & sadness

⚡MOTOR-Keep moving fast & continuously with high efficiency

⚡GENERATOR-Generate wisdom through your knowledge.

⚡CONDUCTOR-Have least resistance for friends, good company & thoughts

⚡INSULATOR- High resistance for your weaknesses

⚡SEMICONDUCTOR- Enjoy your hard times,they will make you only strong because behind clouds sun is still shining

⚡FUSE-Protect yourself first from danger

⚡SWITCH-Have reliable control over emotions & feelings

⚡BATTERY-Store energy & be strong

⚡CAPACITOR-Lead your life during struggles

⚡INDUCTOR-Avoid ego during your success

⚡CIRCUIT BREAKER-Know the problem & take appropriate action before it affect you

⚡CONTROLLER-Trust yourself,analyse your inputs & take proper decision,be smart & reliable,have high speed processor for fast actions & decisions

⚡SENSORS-Keep analysing your self & keep measuring your values

⚡LIGHT-Keep lighting through your knowledge when its dark

⚡LIGHTNING ARRESTOR- Ground sudden surges in your life

⚡EARTHING-Keep your feet on ground for your safety & maintaining relationships

⚡Life is all about electricity....

⚡It is the only form of energy which can be converted into every form of energy...
⚡VIDYUT⚡ engineers....

Let us electrify world through our spark of knowledge & wisdom...⚡

Proud to be an
⚡Electrical Engineer⚡����

I Know You Are Down and Sad

I know you are down and sad,
i know the reasons that made it bad,
so come on lets hold my hand,
come on lets ring the bands
in the streets of moonly stars
we will try to walk so far,
and all the worries of you will fade
until am here you will never feel bad.