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Minimum 35 Ways To Respect Your Parents

Minimum 35 Ways to Respect your Parents. Must read

1. Put away your phone in their

2. Pay attention to what they
    are saying.

3. Accept their opinions.

4. Engage in their     

5. Look at them with respect.

6. Always praise them.

7. Share good news with them.

8. Avoid sharing bad news with

9. Speak well of their friends
    and loved ones to them.

10. Keep in remembrance the 
      good things they did.

11. If they repeat a story, listen
      like it's the first time they
      tell it.

12. Don't bring up painful
       memories from the past.

13. Avoid side conversations in
      their presence.

14. Sit respectfully around

15. Don't belittle/criticize their
      opinions and thoughts.

16. Avoid cutting them off when    they speak.

17. Respect their age.

18. Avoid hitting/disciplining
      their grandchildren around

19. Accept their advice and

20. Give them the power of 
      leadership when they are

21. Avoid raising your voice at

22. Avoid walking in front or
      ahead of them.

23. Avoid eating before them.

24. Avoid glaring at them.

25. Fill them with ur
      appreciation even when
      they don't think they
       deserve it.

26. Avoid putting your feet up in front of them or sitting with your back to them.

27. Don't speak ill of them to
      the point where others
      speak ill of them too.

28. Keep them in your prayers
      always possible.

29. Avoid seeming bored or
      tired of them in their

30. Avoid laughing at their

31. Do a task before they ask
      you to.

32. Continuously visit them.

33. Choose your words carefully    when speaking with them.

34. Call them by names they

35. Make them your priority
      above anything.

Parents are treasure on this land and sooner than you think, that treasure will be buried. Appreciate your parents while you still can.
Today lets make loads of duas for our beloved parents, alive or deceased.
If U love UR parents please forward this

Patni To Pati

Pati patni so rahe the..
Der raat patni ke mobile ki light jaali..
Pati ne mobile uthaya, itani raat biwi ko kiska message aaya

BEAUTIFUL likha tha

Pati chawk gaya
Patni ko uthaya pucha, ye beautiful kon likh raha hai
Patni bhi pareshan is age me mujhe kaun beautiful bolega phone khinch liya


Aur kya boli.....chasama lagake dekho....

BATTERYFULL.......likha hai.

Sunny Leone to Aamir Khan

Sunny leone : meri movie ne 2014 mein kamai k saare record todh diye.

Amir khan : accha kon si movie ne?

Sunny leone : pk!!

Amir khan : sasuri tu pk mein kaha thi..??

Sunny leone : dancing car mein..!!

Height of Getting Lucky

Height of gettting lucky:

My neighbor's wife texted me,
'I am new on whatsapp.. Any idea what does IDK, LY, TTYL mean...?

I replied : 'I don't know, Love You, Talk To You Later !

She replied : ' No problem. I'll ask you later... Love you too...

Lalu To Sonia Gandhi

LALU PRASAD:-"I love u" ka matlab ka hota hai?
SONIA GANDHI :-Mai tumse pyar karti hu.
LALU:- Lo Kar lo baat..
Angreji me ek sawaal ka puch liya..Sasuri fida ho gai..