Shero Shayari

One Serious Request to All

One serious request to all please do not exchange Rs 500 or 1000 with your local sabji wala, small vendors, thela wala, they may not be aware of the fact and may not hold a bank account too.
It may be complete loss to them.
I know u hav forwarded dozens of jokes.
Forwarding this will help many poor people.

May God Vishvkarma

May God Vishkarma Crafts ur life Divinely;
Sculpts it to perfection;
And Engineers it to function smoothly.

Happy Vishkarma Day

Everyday Sun Rise

Everyday sun rise to give us A message that darkness Will always be beaten by light.
Let us follow the same Natural rule and enjoy the Festival of ‘Good defeats Evil’.
Happy Dusshera !

Happy Teachers Day To All

Happy Teachers' Day to all married women ...
Who teach lessons of life to their husbands daily ...
and most of the syllabus is covered on Sundays / holidays ...

Makhan Churakar Jisne Khaya

Makhan churakar jisne khaya,
Bansi bajakar jisne nachaya,
Khushi manayo uske janmadin ki,
Jisne duniya ko prem ka path padhaya.
Wish you a very happy shri krishan janamastami.