Shero Shayari

Happy Teachers Day To All

Happy Teachers' Day to all married women ...
Who teach lessons of life to their husbands daily ...
and most of the syllabus is covered on Sundays / holidays ...

Makhan Churakar Jisne Khaya

Makhan churakar jisne khaya,
Bansi bajakar jisne nachaya,
Khushi manayo uske janmadin ki,
Jisne duniya ko prem ka path padhaya.
Wish you a very happy shri krishan janamastami.

What is Prayer?

✨I L♡ved this interpretation of *Prayer*

Prayer* doesn't just happen when we _kneel_  or put our hands together and focus and expect things from God....

Thinking _positive and wishing good for others_ - is a *Prayer*

When you _hug a friend_ - That's  a *Prayer*

When you _cook something to nourish family and friends_-  That's a *Prayer*

When we send off our near and dear ones and say _'Drive Safely' or 'Be Safe'_ - That's a *Prayer*

When you are _helping someone in need by giving your time and energy_ - You are *Praying*

When you _forgive some one by your heart_ ...that is *Prayer*.

Prayer is a _Vibration_- A feeling - A *Thought*.

Prayer is the _voice of love, friendship, genuine relationships_.

Prayer is an expression of your silent being*. 

Father is the Spine in the Body

Father is the spine in the body that supports the whole frame...
the mother is the hands legs etc that cares for the child...

If the spine was not there . .
The rest of the body is helpless. ..
hence we need to give thanks to the SPINE that represents our Father ..

Without which u would not be healthy educated sound in mind and able to build your own nest.

Friend From Punjab

Friend from Punjab: What's this controversy about Udta Punjab?

Me: Censor board issue. Because it's depicting drug problem in Punjab.

Friend: Bullshit. There is no drug problem in Punjab. You can get it easily.